Friday, 21 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Thought I ought to do a little snowy illustration as it's nearly christmas! I decided to try out outlining in pencil rather than dip pen this time, because sometimes I like things more when they look sketchy. Despite my best efforts I still can't get my scanner to get the colours right, but I'll forgive the blue tint this time because maybe it makes the whole thing look a bit more chilly.

I've been reading a lot of fairy tales recently, and a lot about their importance (mostly for my dissertation) and I think it's starting to influence the kinds of things I want to draw.

I also really enjoyed this story about Albert Einstein from the opening of 'Breaking The Magic Spell' by Jack Zipes, so I thought I'd share it  -

 Once upon a time the famous physicist Albert Einstein was confronted by an overly concerned woman who sought advice on how to raise her small son to become a successful scientist. In particular she wanted to know what kinds of books she should read to her son.
  'Fairy Tales,' Einstein responded without hesitation.
  'Fine, but what else should I read to him after that?' the mother asked.
  'More fairy tales,' Einstein stated.
  'And after that?'
  'Even more fairy tales,' replied the great scientist, and he waved his pipe like a wizard pronouncing a happy end to a long adventure.

In summary fairy tales are awesome, and that's all I have to say about that!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Character Project - Social Gathering

Alright, I've finally finished this thing. I have mixed feelings about it, sometimes I look at it and think 'yeah, this is okay' and other times I think 'what IS this?'. I like a lot of the individual drawings but altogether I'm worried that it looks a bit confusing. I'm definitely going to stay away from mixed media for a while, and go back to my inks where I belong.